yYoung Pharmacy is large enough to have resources for developing new programs and providing innovative services, yet grounded enough to provide the friendly and responsive care that our patients have expected from us throughout the years. We are committed in our progressive approach to the integration of pharmacy services and physician care, which results in improved health outcomes.  

Our expert trained and highly dedicated Clinical Pharmacists specialize in diabetes education and residential care. They ensure optimized drug therapy and quality-of-life for a broad range of patients through effective and safe medication management systems.  

We can dedicate one of our experienced Pharmacists to provide on-site medication reviews for your Group Home or Health Unit patients and offer accessible support to ensure all clinical needs and emergency services are met. They will also perform PharmaNet profile checks for prescribers who are concerned about polypharmacy and multi-doctoring. Our goal is to optimize the patient’s therapeutic outcome and minimize adverse effects. 

Medication Management and Training

Our Medication Management Program helps unregulated care providers safely administer medications to their clientele. Medications are delivered to your site in compliance medication packaging to help ensure patients adhere to their regimen. Medication Policy and Procedures are developed with the specific needs of your program in mind. We are able to develop and facilitate training, along with performing site visits and audits to ensure high standards are met.

Custom Packaging Services

We offer secure and convenient packaging to ensure that tracking systems are in place, which includes patient date range for safer med administration by caregivers. 

Home Visits

We can perform initial home visits for required patients and time to time monitoring of medication compliance and report back to physicians. 

OAT and Naloxone

Our pharmacists work with clinical counsellors and other health care allies to ensure safe and effective monitoring of OAT use. We will proactively triage patients who would benefit from having a naloxone kit and will train their family members.  

Medication Reviews

Our thorough pharmacists can perform in-depth assessments of your patient’s medications and report back to their primary healthcare team. 

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