About yYoung Pharmacy

yYoung Pharmacy, part of yYoung is Wellbeing, provides tailored health services promoting holistic wellness. Our approach integrates medicine, preventative health management, holistic nutrition, and clinical assessments.

We believe in community-driven prositive change through improved wellness. By collaborating with physicians, community health services, and social stakeholders, we foster sustainable, holistic lifestyles.

Teamwork and Leadership

At yYoung, we value your dignity as an individual. Our “y” symbolizes growth, collaboration, and leadership, working together with the larger “Y” to express our beliefs. Our commitment lies in providing innovative solutions for safe, effective, and compassionate healthcare services across all levels. While our surroundings may evolve, we strive to maintain benevolent ideals of sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity, fostering teamwork and inspiring ongoing healthcare development and excellence. 

Our Mission

Our philosophy of care focuses on personalized health services to enhance overall wellness. We achieve this through vertical integration in medical clinic and pharmacy services, preventative health management consultations, holistic nutrition, and clinical assessments. 

Our Pillars

We’re committed to enhancing the well-being of our communities, one person at a time. 

Our Values


Integrity is very important to us. yYoung demonstrates integrity by upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour in all our actions and decisions. We believe in treating individuals fairly, fulfilling commitments, listening to stakeholders, and engaging in socially responsible practices, even in challenging circumstances.


We actively seek input, foster open communication, and work towards shared goals. To obtain long-term success, we engage in respectful relationships, leverage partner strengths, and collaborate through teamwork and problem-solving. 


Respect matters. Philanthropy is key at yYoung. We donate to organizations and events such as the BC Lung Foundation, Children’s Hospital, BC Cancer, Coast Mental Health, Vancouver Sun Run, and the BMO Vancouver Marathon of the Vancouver International Marathon Society. We believe in supporting one another. 


We aim to drive positive change, add value, and meet business needs sustainably, without exploiting resources or compromising future generations. As a socially responsible company, we seek to maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships within our environment. 


Passion is the driving force behind our company, propelling us to constantly innovate and enhance our services. 


yYoung welcomes, respects, and values individuals from diverse backgrounds. This includes recruiting and retaining employees from diverse demographics, promoting equality, and creating inclusive policies. We encourage open communication and take action to promote equity for all. 

Health Services Development

In recent years, pharmacy practice has shifted from merely supplying medicine to prioritizing holistic patient care. Pharmacy now provide services, information, and patient care, ensuring appropriate, effective, safe, and convenient drug therapy. yYoung takes direct responsibility for patients’ pharmaceutical needs, enhancing drug therapy outcomes and quality of life, known as pharmaceutical wellness. 

Our pharmacists assess your health history for potential drug interactions, drug-food interactions, and drug-disease interactions. They also check vaccination status for any deficiencies. This free service is available to those with five or more eligible medications filled in the past six months. 

A Little History of yYoung

YYoung® emergeged in 2006 as a tribute to the owner’s father, Henry Young, who lost his battle with cancer in 1993. The stethascope, which was used as the last communication with him, now represents the enduring thread of compassion and empathy weaving through our communities, connecting our hearts to yours. 


Modest Beginnings – Marks Plaza Pharmacy


The Starting Point- yYoung Medicine Mart Cambie


Expansion- yYoung Pharmacy Olympic Village


Moving Forward – yYoung Pharmacy Oakridge


Our Big Year – yYoung Medical Lab Supply


A Foundation for the Future – yYoung Virtual Care and E-commerce