About yYoung Pharmacy

yYoung Pharmacy is a subsidiary of yYoung is Wellbeing. Our philosophy of care revolves around customized health services to improve wellness as a whole, by applying vertical integration in medicine, preventative health management consultations, holistic nutrition, and clinical assessments. 

Every community is unique; however, one commonality is that every community experiences positive change when their population’s wellness is improved. Partnered physicians, community health services, and social community stakeholders are a proven way of fostering long-term community sustainability infused with a holistic lifestyle.

Teamwork and Leadership

yYoung starts with your dignity as an individual. “y” in tandem with the larger “Y” expresses the synergies of our core beliefs in growth, collaboration, and leadership. Our commitment stems from having innovative solutions to deliver safe, effective, and compassionate services across the healthcare continuum. Our surroundings may change, but with incorporating benevolent ideals of sustainability, diversity, and inclusivity combined with team performance, we hope to inspire a continuity of healthcare development and brilliance.

Our Mission

Our philosophy of care revolves around customized health services to improve wellness as a whole, by applying vertical integration in medical clinic services, pharmacy services, preventative health management consultations, holistic nutrition, or clinical assessments.

Our Pillars

We are on a quest to improve the well-being of our communities, one person at a time. We know you are a like minded individual who shares our vision and look forward to growing and evolving with you as an individual and part of our dynamic visionary team.

We want people on our team to grow and shape the community. Help us nurture society through health care.

Our Values


Integrity is very important to us. As employers we wish to be genuine, ethical, open and fair and we believe you will reciprocate in turn. Unlike some other pharmacies we are not a top down organization. We are fair and want to provide an open door policy for any potential concerns or questions from our team.


We believe in bringing fresh perspectives into our organization to work towards a common goal. We focus our energy on finding solutions, rather than dwelling on problems. For example regarding the recent Corona Virus outbreak we currently have on order a vast amount of masks and a myriad of medical supplies which are currently sold out everywhere. Due to our worldwide connections we are able to procure resources that are unavailable to other pharmacies. These resources and connections will continue long after this current epidemic.


It is our goal to show respect for those inside and outside of our company, and for the communities in which they live. Philanthropy is a big part of yYoung. We have donated and continue to donate to organizations such as BC Lung, Children’s Hospital, BC Cancer, BC Mental Health, and Oakridge Seniors Center. In place of a top down model that operates on a chain of command we believe in the old adage “you are only as strong as your weakest link” so take care of each other.


We wish to promote change, create value, and to fulfill the needs of our business without the exploitation of resources and without compromising the needs of future generations. We are a socially responsible company and wish to sustain long term synergistic relationships within the environment in which we reside.


We seek people who are passionate about healthcare and wellbeing. This is at the heart of our company in order to continuously move forward, innovate and improve our services. We welcome your input.


We strive for a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. We are an equal opportunity employer and a meritocracy. Although we began as a small family organization (my Brother Allen, Sister Helen and mother gave their tireless support) nepotism is not practiced nor tolerated here. We know it takes a variety of people with different ideas, strengths, interests and backgrounds to make our company succeed. We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion so long as they are expressed in a respectful manner.

Health Services Development

Over the past decade, there has been a trend for pharmacy practice to move away from its original focus as a medicine supplier and shift towards a more holistic and inclusive focus on patient care. The role of pharmacy has evolved from that of a strictly a supplier of pharmaceutical products towards that of a provider of services, information, and patient care. Increasingly, the pharmacy’s task is to ensure that a patient’s drug therapy is appropriately indicated, the most effective available, the safest possible, and convenient for the patient. By taking direct responsibility for individual patient’s pharmaceutical needs, yYoung contributes uniquely to the outcome of drug therapy and to their patient’s quality of life. This new approach to patient care has been dubbed pharmaceutical wellness.

Our pharmacists will dive into the history of your health to identify three potential issues: any possible drug interactions, drug and food interactions, and lastly, drug and disease interactions. They will also be able to identify any deficiencies in vaccinations to ensure all necessary inoculations for you are up to date. You can qualify for this free but invaluable service if you have had 5 or more eligible medications filled within the past six months.

A Little History of yYoung

YYoung® was founded in 2006 in memory of our father Henry Young, who passed away after a battle with cancer in 1993. The stethoscope was the device used in our last communication with him, and it has since symbolized the endless knot of compassion and empathy for our communities, from our hearts to yours.


Modest Beginnings – Marks Plaza Pharmacy


The Starting Point- yYoung Medicine Mart Cambie


Expansion- yYoung Pharmacy Olympic Village


Moving Forward – yYoung Pharmacy Oakridge


Our Big Year – yYoung Medical Lab Supply


A Foundation for the Future – yYoung Virtual Care and E-commerce